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Aiming to Fully Understand How We Heal: Treatment and Assessment Protocol Development for Clinical Research on Performance-Specific Social Anxiety Disorder
An Analysis of the Ongoing Validity of the Documentary Hypothesis for Final Form Interpretation: The Portrayal of Outsiders in the Abrahamic Narratives as a Case Study
Apostolic memory leveraged : the development of apostolic identification for purposes of theological validation in the first two centuries of the Church
Aspects of Switch Reference in Marubo, a Panoan Language of Western Amazonia
Assistive Technology to Enhance Written Expression of Struggling Writers in Elementary School: A Tablet-based Literacy Intervention Project
Associations between Relational Aspects of Care and Self-Reported Health Status of Residents Living in Long Term Residential Care Homes
Avoiding Futility: How Nurses and Physicians Experience Emotions, Psychosocial Factors, and Their Professional Roles as Influencing the End-of-Life Decision Making Process
Beyond the Barriers: Women's Voices in Litigation Abuse Following Intimate Partner Violence
The Born-again Friar: American Evangelical Appropriations of Saint Francis of Assisi, 1972-2013
Bullying from Staff Nurses : The Experience of Senior Undergraduate Nursing Students during Clinical Placements
Centered fuller communication : sensus plenior, relevance theory, and a balanced hermeneutic
The central role of lead pastors in developing spiritual leaders at a local church
Cinematic Childhood(s) and Imag(in)ing the Boy Jesus: Adaptations of Luke 2:41-52 in Late Twentieth-Century Film
The citizen self and aboriginal “other” : notions of citizenship and aboriginality in British Columbian social studies education, 1945-present