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Incorporating syntax into theories of textual transmission : preliminary studies in the Judaean desert Isaiah scrolls and fragments
Memories of Balaam: Translatability of a Religious Specialist in Ancient Israel
No faithful oaths : a comparison of Esau’s speech in Jubilees 37:18-23 with Achilles’ speech in Iliad 22.260-272
Northern Psalms in Southern Contexts: Defining a Historical Setting for the Psalms of Asaph
Reading the Text With its Ancient Audience: The Amnon and Tamar Narrative as a Test Case
A Sanctuary in Time: Exploring Genesis 1’s Memory of Creation
Tracking Changes: A Proposal for a Linguistically Sensitive Schema for Categorizing Textual Variation of Hebrew Bible Texts in Light of Variant Scribal Practices Among the Judean Desert Psalms Witnesses
YHWH as Gardener in the Old Testament with special reference to Psalm 104