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Apostolic memory leveraged : the development of apostolic identification for purposes of theological validation in the first two centuries of the Church
The Born-again Friar: American Evangelical Appropriations of Saint Francis of Assisi, 1972-2013
The central role of lead pastors in developing spiritual leaders at a local church
Discerning Between True and False Prophets in Jeremiah
Drawn by the Father: A Lexicological and Exegetical Study of John 6:44
Formation by Christocentricity-Grace-Spirit : Applying a Redemptive-Historical Preaching Paradigm to the Chinese Christian Community in Metro Vancouver
How a story means : a narrative linguistic reading of Exodus 2-4
How Do Participants in an Evangelism Training Program Assess Its Impact on Their Ability and Confidence in Sharing Their Personal Faith?
The "Law of the Land" in the Land of Lagides: A Comparative Analysis of Exodus 21:1-32
Leveraging church culture : how understanding a church’s culture enhances ministry and community engagement
Relevance Theory and Proverbs: Exploring Context through Explicatures and Implicatures
The significance of Karl Barth’s conception of petitionary prayer as divine–human correspondence in church dogmatics, iv/4 and the Christian life: cd, iv/4: lecture fragments
Understanding Πνευματικός in First Corinthians: Paul’s Corrective Vision for Spirit Life
Very god, very man : a theological exploration of Karl Barth’s christological anthropology
Was Jesus a Mythical Figure? Responding to the Charge that Jesus of Nazareth Never Existed
Woven Tapestry: Composite Citations in the Gospel of Mark
Writings of an ancient poet : a theological composition of Aurelius Prudentius Clemens’ soteriology as depicted in his Liber Cathemerinon