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An Analysis of the Ongoing Validity of the Documentary Hypothesis for Final Form Interpretation: The Portrayal of Outsiders in the Abrahamic Narratives as a Case Study
Cinematic Childhood(s) and Imag(in)ing the Boy Jesus: Adaptations of Luke 2:41-52 in Late Twentieth-Century Film
Conceptualizing Historical Periodization in the Apocalypse : The Canonical Shaping of the Beast with Seven Heads and Ten Horns
A Critical Edition of Codex 0150 Including Its Textual and Reception History
Employing Deuteronomy: an Analysis of the Quotations and Allusions to Deuteronomy in the Dead Sea Scrolls
The exegetical interpretation of Leviticus 19:1-18 and the restoration of the Jewish community in the post-exilic period
Incorporating syntax into theories of textual transmission : preliminary studies in the Judaean desert Isaiah scrolls and fragments
Jewish monotheism : the exclusivity of Yahweh in Persian period Yehud (539-333 BCE)
Memories of Balaam: Translatability of a Religious Specialist in Ancient Israel
The Messiah and Eschatology in the Psalms of Solomon
A new edition of Codex I (016) : the Washington manuscript of the epistles of Paul
No faithful oaths : a comparison of Esau’s speech in Jubilees 37:18-23 with Achilles’ speech in Iliad 22.260-272
Northern Psalms in Southern Contexts: Defining a Historical Setting for the Psalms of Asaph
Reading Genesis 1-35 in Persian Yehud
Reading the Text With its Ancient Audience: The Amnon and Tamar Narrative as a Test Case
Reconstructing the text of the church : the “canonical text” and the goal of New Testament textual criticism
A Sanctuary in Time: Exploring Genesis 1’s Memory of Creation
Silenced Voices: Hearing Biblical Women Through the Genesis Apocryphon
Syntax in the Septuagint : with special reference to relative clauses in Greek numbers
"The Relation of Ra 2110, or P. Bodmer XXIV, to Origen's Hexapla: A Study in the Textual History of the Greek Psalter"