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The citizen self and aboriginal “other” : notions of citizenship and aboriginality in British Columbian social studies education, 1945-present
Daoist Humility: How Ancient Chinese Wisdom and Modern Psychology Are Telling Us to Be Natural by Going Against the Flow
Darwinian epistemology : assessing the implications for reliable cognition in a non-adaptive domain of belief
An Examination of the Underlying Moral Frameworks of Environmental Philosophy
Fiction in the Integrated Circuit
Habermas on Religion in the Public Sphere: a Post-Secular Conservative Critique
Inferentialist reliabilism and proper functionalism : a comparative analysis as defenses of externalism
Liberating Reason Through Tradition : A Hermeneutic Critique of the Subjective-Objective Dichotomy and Its Implications for Christianity
Moral Motivation: A Survey of Attempts to Understand the Motivational Qualities of Moral Judgments
On moral objectivity : can there be objective moral evaluation without invoking the existence of “queer” ontological properties?
Potential sectarian variants in Psalm 119 of 11Q5 : a further investigation in response to Eugene Ulrich’s “The absence of sectarian variants in the Dead Sea Scrolls”
Science and knowledge : a post-modern approach to empiricism
Univocity, analogy and the analytic-continental divide in philosophy
Wałda_mas? An exploration into the phonological-word in Kwak'wala
A World of Their Own Making: Student Life at Southern Women’s Colleges, 1800-1865