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Aiming to Fully Understand How We Heal: Treatment and Assessment Protocol Development for Clinical Research on Performance-Specific Social Anxiety Disorder
Beyond the Barriers: Women's Voices in Litigation Abuse Following Intimate Partner Violence
Critical factors influencing paternal involvement : fathers’ experiences of negotiating role responsibilities
Integrating Ego Identity in an Adult Third Culture Kid with Lifespan Integration Therapy: A Reflexive Hermeneutic Single Case Efficacy Design
Intensive family therapy with at-risk youth : a preliminary critical incident study
Intergenerational voices : exploring body image transmission in the mother-daughter dyad
Lifespan Integration Efficacy: A Mixed Methods Multiple Case Study
Lifespan integration therapy with trauma-exposed children : a hermeneutic single case efficacy study
Til We Have Voices: A Feminist-Relational Approach to Understanding the Process of Healing and Becoming Whole Through Lifespan Integration Therapy
Voices in Relationship: The Significance of a Father’s Influence on Women’s Development