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Associations between Relational Aspects of Care and Self-Reported Health Status of Residents Living in Long Term Residential Care Homes
Avoiding Futility: How Nurses and Physicians Experience Emotions, Psychosocial Factors, and Their Professional Roles as Influencing the End-of-Life Decision Making Process
Compassion fatigue and its association with workplace empowerment in acute care settings
Investigation of the Edinburgh Postnatal Depression Scale’s Questions in the Screening of Postpartum Depression in Men
Life Satisfaction and Associated Predictors in An Older Adult Population
Northern rural nurses’ self-perceived competence in addressing the spiritual needs of patients with life-limiting conditions by using a palliative approach
Nurses Perceptions of Supervisory Leadership for Patient Safety: A Narrative Synthesis
Nurses’ perception of workaround use
Predicting the length of stay in older adults undergoing transapical transcatheter aortic valve implantation
The Subjective Experience of Early Onset Alzheimer’s Disease: Using Online Communities to Combat Social Isolation.
Using Cognitive Interviews to Evaluate the Four-Item Dyadic Sexual Communication Scale in Couples Who Might Benefit From a Palliative Approach