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Avoiding Futility: How Nurses and Physicians Experience Emotions, Psychosocial Factors, and Their Professional Roles as Influencing the End-of-Life Decision Making Process
Bullying from Staff Nurses : The Experience of Senior Undergraduate Nursing Students during Clinical Placements
Clinical Practice and Canadian Nursing Faculty: Keeping a Foot in Both Worlds
Experiences of women in early labour sent home following hospital assessment
Extending the spirit : a qualitative secondary analysis on nurses’ perspectives on spirituality
Faculty Preparation for Accompanying Nursing Students on International Experiences: Moving Beyond Trial-and-Error
Nurses Perceptions of Supervisory Leadership for Patient Safety: A Narrative Synthesis
Upholding Social Justice in Nursing: The Value of Educational Experiences
What are Nurses’ Perceptions of Nurse-to-Nurse Incivility in the Workplace?
What characteristics are keeping nurses flourishing in difficult environments: An appreciative inquiry study
"You Don't Have to Carry it Alone": Christian Clients' Experiences of Praying in Therapy