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Aspects of Switch Reference in Marubo, a Panoan Language of Western Amazonia
Comparative tense and aspect in the Mara Bantu languages : towards a linguistic history
Constructions and result: English phrasal verbs as analysed in construction grammar
The Determiner in Makary Kotoko Narrative Discourse: Attention Guidance and Salience
Dividing to Connect: An Ethnography of Canal Zone Americans
Language Variation in Western Amman
Negation Patterns in the Kwa Language Group
Non-spatial setting in white Hmong
Phonology of Mosiye
A phonology of Stau
Relevance Theory and Proverbs: Exploring Context through Explicatures and Implicatures
A semiotic perspective on the positive transfer of L1 structure in second language instruction
Swahili conditional constructions in embodied Frames of Reference: Modeling semantics, pragmatics, and context-sensitivity in UML mental spaces
Vowel Phenomena of Guang Languages
Written and spoken register differences in Baghdadi colloquial Arabic dramatic discourse